Student Support Services

Student Support Services

In order to give a conductive environment to the students, the college offers many services for its students. These services ensure that the student builds a positive attitude, is emotionally stable and become a better citizen of the nation.


The Mentoring program at CPC works on the principle of Friend – Philosopher – Guide. Each faculty member is appointed as a Mentor for a set of 20 students. This helps each student to reflect upon and express his personal thoughts, reactions and feelings about the system.

The students become aware of their academic strengths and weaknesses, identify and develop academic skills that strengthen their weak areas and formulate some career and educational plans. These Classes will be held once a month for the students in the first and second year of course. The Students are advised to attend them. We, at Chandigarh Polytechnic College, understand that the youth has many problems to deal with and therefore, provide mentors so that they can take mature advice regarding any internal conflict that they are fighting with. They are suggested to keep in touch with their respective mentors.

Class Representatives & Their Roles

For understanding of concerns of the students a structured system of appointing CRs is followed. Under the system students can bring forth their concerns regarding class issues to the management through their class representatives.

Roles & Responsibilities of CR

  • Communicating the Departmental/ Institutes directives and information to the students.
  • Collecting the feedback of difficulties faced by the students and communicating suggestions for improvement.
  • Coordinating academic events and co‐ curricular activities including placement drives & pre-placement trainings
  • Ensuring participation of all the eligible students in placement drives, pre‐placement trainings, extra classes etc.

Selection of CR (Preferably 1 Boy & 1 Girl from each class as per the criteria given below)


  • The selected representatives should be from top bracket of students in studies.
  • There will be fair representation of boys and girls.
  • The selected students should be acceptable to the majority of the class to give them the strength of representation.
  • They should not have any previous disciplinary case against them.
  • The CR should not have any academic arrears/re-appear at the time of his/her appointment.
  • Good attendance record is must.
  • HOD should finalize the proposed names either personally or through his/her nominated representative.
  • List of CRs will be put up to the Principal within one week of commencement of classes [IN THE PRESCRIBED FORMAT ALONGWITH A PHOTOGRAPH EACH].
  • The term of each CR will normally be one year but there will be no bar on their being re- nominated based on their performance.
  • Change, if required, will be intimated to all concerned as early as possible to update the records.
  • In case any CR gets involved in any disciplinary case, he/she will automatically cease to be the CR.

Student's Feedback

Constructive feedback is the backbone of the dynamic systems at the university. As the systems are evolving feedback from the students is sought at every point to ensure student satisfaction in their learning journey and delight at being a part of CPC community.

Suggestions and feedback are valuable and highly appreciated as student input helps to find ways to meet their expectations. The students are encouraged to put forward their suggestions and rightful opinions that can make CPC a better place.

Online Feedback

Students provide valuable Feedback every semester, online through a Scientific Software‐ Feedback Management Information System. Feedback from students is also welcomed through the University Website and/or UIMS. The views of the students are immediately forwarded to the relevant department for effective action.

Offline Feedback

Students can give a written request regarding their concern to the appropriate authority , class counselor, HODs, DSW or through Suggestion Boxes (Students should preferably mention their names so that they can be informed about the progress and for obtaining more details/clarifications etc.; but it is not mandatory). The issue shall be discussed with student/s in detail and suitable measures shall be taken with approval from the authorities.

The student can also give their feedback to higher authorities through email.

Designation Email