General Rules

  • Before the start of every session an orientation and induction seminar is held.
  • New Session Joining Policy
  • It is the sole responsibility of the student to maintain the minimum required attendance of 75% of the scheduled lectures in each subject (Theory & Practical) continuously during the entire system.

Registration And Attendance policy

Student Reporting & Registration:

Every semester starts with the process of registration .All students are required to clear their dues & register themselves in their respective department.

Process of Registration

- For Novice:

  • The student is supposed to register within first two days of the date of reporting in their respective departments.
  • Attendance of the student shall be counted from the date of registration in the department (as per the date of their admission)

- For Existing Students:

  • The student is supposed to register within first two days of the date of reporting in their respective departments.
  • If the student fails to register on first two days, he/she may not be allowed to register afterwards. However, for the genuine reasons, concerned head of the department will do the reporting of the student after talking to the parents (telephonically or through online modes) for the next three days.
  • Failing to register within first five days, the student shall suppose to come along with their parents and registration shall be done after approval from the Principal.
  • After 10 days, the student shall not be allowed to register in the departments without the approval from Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.

Phases of reporting:

- Reporting in Hostels:

The student may report in the hostels where the concerned hostel warden punches his/her status as reported on CUIMS.

- Registration in departments:

If the student reports in department (directly/after reporting in hostels), then his/her status shall be counted as registered which would be marked by the concerned departments on CUIMS.

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Dress Code:

To give the students a corporate feel, a dress code has been laid down both for the male and female students. Students are expected to come in the prescribed uniform on every Wednesday, examination days and other as declared by the HOD. The uniform shall be complete in all respects. Failing this they will be fined and strict action will be taken against them.

  • Students are not allowed to wear chappals/sandals etc.
  • Wear proper attire at all times.
  • Do not wear jeans, T-shirts, Kurta Pajamas, track pants and shorts (except at sports activities).
  • Do not wear any form of dress (including slogans on T-shirts), which may be offensive.
  • Outlandish hair colours should be avoided. Hair should be kept presentable and neat. For males, hair should not cover the neck.
  • Identity Card display is compulsory for all students to enter the Campus and Classrooms.
  • The students without the Identity Cards will be fined as per rules laid down by the College management.
  • In the first instance the defaulters are persuaded to dress properly, which is followed by fine if not adhered to.