Principal Message

Education has never been cradled in the arms of books alone and never bounded by the four walls of a classroom. A college has great responsibility of ensuring tomorrow’s society and in meeting such a demand there is an ever challenging and unending resolve. Education is not just imparting but living and actualizing the dreams of so many who have not yet explored the world. We at CPC take a special care of these dreams because for a student, this world is always inquisitive and mysterious. Our work as educators is very creative so that the first step taken for learning Engineering is very smooth and strongly grounded.

A good Diploma permits a student to pursue higher studies in any engineering college. It is to match this growing need of Polytechnics, that we provide the best education and training to the students. The basic knowledge in engineering will also help a diploma holder, if he / she decide to become an entrepreneur.

To facilitate entrepreneurship, the college imparts high quality competence-based formal and informal training. Students hailing from different financial, religious and national background learn to live in co-ordination and work together for a better well-equipped society.