Student Enhancement

To ensure the holistic development of the student during their tenure in the College,the following departments have been formed.

Department of Career Development

Its objective is to provide In-house training and quality infrastructure in order to build up a unique learning platform for all its students and handhold them to develop their employability skills and achieve their career aspirations by the time they complete their course tenure in the College.

At the end of the second semester (2 year course)/fourth semester (four year course) of the course, the student will be allowed to choose any one career option and given extensive career training of his/her choice. The Department of Career Development not only deals in Semester Training but also in various domains which helps TPP and Non TPP students to achieve their goals, which are as follows :-

1. Pre-Placement Training

The department provides aptitude, soft skills & IT Skills training to all the students’ of college. It also organizes different Pre placement Winning Camps to enhance the skills of the TPP registered students.

2. Higher Studies Entrance Exams Training:-

The department provides comprehensive training to crack entrance exams for higher studies. Below mentioned are the various exams for which training is provided to students of Chandigarh University by DCD (The department of career development):-

  • GRE
  • GMAT

3. Competitive Exams for Govt. jobs Training:-

DCD also prepares students for various exams for Government Employment such as :-

  • IAS (Civil Services Preparation)
  • SSC (Staff Commission)
  • Banking Jobs Entrance Exams.

Department of International Relations

Chandigarh Polytechnic College aims to develop global competence in the students and makes them appreciate cultural diversity. To facilitate international academic and technical exchange, Chandigarh University has MOUs with many of the leading Universities. The student can view the details regarding these international partnerships on

The programs offered are explained briefly below:

Summer Programme:-

Students get the Chance to Visit different Universities and business Organization all across the world for their summer training. The training varies from two week s to two months. These Courses are between INR 1.5 lakh to 3.5 lakh. Summer program partners are Present in the followings Countries:-UK, USA, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Switzerland, France, Canada, and South Korea.

Higher Education:-

Students get the chance to study abroad for their Higher education. They are provided programs even without GRE/GMAT. Students are provided with scholarships from various partner Universities. Even the pathway courses are provided with optional practical training.

For further contact

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  • MS Sushilkamboj (9569435934) IR coordinator
  • Ms Sabina Ghai (7087453333) IR coordinator