One week FDP on " Instructional Delivery "

Chandigarh Polytechnic College in association with NITTR, Chandigarh organized a Faculty Development Program on the topic " Instructional Delivery" through ICT from 4th-8th December.The topic of the program was  interdisciplinary , so faculty members from all the departments  participated in the program.The FDP initiated with the Inauguration and Introduction of the training programme by Dr. P K Tulsi, coordinator of this short term course. The program aimed at enhancing knowledge related to effective delivery of Lecture in classroom and conducting of practical work in Labs.  

The whole FDP was conducted in different sessions. The key sessions of the FDP were:
1. Strategies for Active learning by Er. Amandeep Kaur
2. Classroom Communication By Dr. P.K Tulsi
3. Creating an Enabling Environment for Hands on Minds on and Hearts on by Dr. P.K Tulsi
4. Teach Sessions by  Dr PK Tulsi and Dr Sunil Dutt
5. Integration of Media in Teaching Learning by Dr M Dutta
The faculty members across all the centers were given certain tasks to prepare. Faculty members of CPC were given the following tasks:

1. Presentation on Strategies for Improving Laboratory Instructions and Strategies for Improving Project Work. 

2. Lecture on any topic of curriculum via presentation by any faculty member attending the FDP.

The entire program was quite productive for all the faculty members as it brushed up their skills of teaching and conducting practicals.