Two Weeks FDP on "Business Start-ups through Innovation and Incubation”

Aiming at enhancing Business capabilities,  Chandigarh polytechnic College in association with NITTR Chandigarh organized Two weeks Faculty Development Program through ICT on "Business Start-ups through Innovation and Incubation'"  from 6th November to 17th November,2017. The FDP was initiated with the Inauguration and Introduction of the training programme by Prof. S K Dhamija and Er. Amardev followed by numerous valuable sessions on Business capabilities and Entrepreneurship. Faculty from all the departments of CPC participated in the FDP. The FDP was conducted in sessions focusing on following key points:

1.    Competencies of Successful Entrepreneurs

2.    Role of DST in promoting Entrepreneurship

3.    Market Survey

4.    Technology Business Incubator

5.    Different Schools of Innovation 


Such sessions enabled the faculty members to learn new concepts and ideas relevant to business and Entrepreneurship.