Date: July 28,2019

Industrial visit at Preet Combine & Tractor Division, Nabha Patiala

As a part of the 6 weeks In-House industrial training, students of Mechanical Engineering and Automobile Engineering of 4th semester were taken for an Industrial visit at Preet Combine & Tractor Division, Nabha, Patiala on 28th July’19

The company manufactures wide range of Combine Harvesters i.e. Self Propelled Combine Harvesters, Special Combine Harvesters, Track Combine Harvesters etc. PREET AGRO Industries is Leader in Combine Harvesters market in India and has more than 40% share in Self Propelled Combine Harvester segment.

The students got an opportunity to witness the live working environment of the industry. They were provided with information about Tractor& Combine's assembly latest machines, engine assembly line, paint shop, drive-line assembly line & various parts of Machinery.

A Resource person from the industry also took a session with the students explaining them the real scenario of working in an industry. He provided them with the insights into the requirements of the industry and guided them how to achieve them.