10 February 2020

Industrial visit to INT- EXT EXPO 2020, Sec 17, Chandigarh

Students of Civil Engineering, 4th & 6th Semester visited INT- EXT EXPO 2020, Chandigarh to get acquainted with different techniques used in industries on 10 February 2020. The objective of this the visit was to aid students to gain first-hand information regarding the latest market trend especially in the field of Civil Engineering which includes the concept of lightweight concrete by Magicrete, fire-resistant walls, effective anti-oxidant to slow down the oxidation process, etc.

INT-EXT EXPO was a meeting point for companies to present the latest trends in the world of Interiors, elaborating technology, innovations, equipment, and concepts for the Architects' & Designers' community. On the onset, officials of different companies explained to the student’s briefly about the latest trends in Interiors, innovations, Architects Design etc. Plant- Layout, Raw- materials, Plant- products, etc. The visit gave the right perceptive to the students, which is disseminated in the classroom.

Along with this EXPO, there was a seminar on " Sustainable and safe buildings" which was attended by our faculty Agam Sharma on 7 February 2020 which covered the topics related to sustainability of buildings while designing and constructing. Speakers from different government and private organizations shared their knowledge and gave valuable information.