Abdul Kalam Innovation Conclave -2019

“ Dreams, Dream, Dream Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action ”------Abdul Kalam

"To have a great idea, have a lot of them."---- Thmoas Edison

“My message especially to Young people is to have the courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problem and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards.
This is my message to the young people.” -----APJ Abdul Kalam

Exploring their minds and outshining in the world of innovations, our students excelled at Dr. Abdul Kalam Innovation Conclave 2019 organized at Chandigarh University. The students were asked to present their most outstanding ideas.

Amritpal Singh student of Computer Science & Engineering, 6th Semester, won 2nd position at University level for his project “Accident Management System”.
It is a prototype model for Accident Management System that will automatically inform the nearby ambulance and patrol party in case of any road accident.

The following is the list of students who won prizes at Department level for their different ideas. They were also awarded cash prizes for the same.

Abdul Kalam Innovation Conclave-2019 (Results)








Vishal Mehra (ECE/1st Sem)
Vishal Kumar Sahni(ECE/1st Sem)


Artificial eye -- Image recognition system for smart and efficient navigation of autonomous robots.



Amritpal Singh (CSE/6th Sem)
Abhishek Pal(CSE/6th Sem)
Vikram Singh(CSE/6th Sem)
Saurabh Garg (CSE/6th Sem)

Accident Management System --to detect the accident along with this it also detect the location of the place where the accident took place


Nirbhay Sharma(Civil/4th Sem)
Sahil (Civil/4th Sem)
Karan Thakur(Civil/4th Sem)

Unique source to generate energy-- converting kinetic energy into wind energy to generate electricity or mechanical power



Ankush Karyal(ECE/6th Sem)
Ritesh Upadhyay(ECE/6th Sem)

Smart Halmet—withadvance feature like alcohol detection, accident identification, location tracking, use as a hand free device, solar powered, fall detection.

Chandan Kr. Yadav (EE/6th Sem)
Abhay Dubey (EE/6th Sem)

E-Bike—Economical as well as environment friendly