Scholarship policy based on % marks of matric:

Category of Stream % Marks First time reward
Diploma in Engineering 95% and more 75% of Tuition Fee
90-94.99% 50% of Tuition Fee
85-89.99% 20% of Tuition Fee
80-84.99% 10% of Tuition Fee


  • Maximum 10% of total admitted intake seats in each course shall be offered under the above schemes.
  • The students admitted under the above scheme shall have to maintain a minimum of 70% marks, 85% attendance, absolute discipline, without any supplementary/ compartments in every semester, failing which the incentives given shall stand withdrawn.

Procedure for applying:

  • All the eligible students have to apply for the scholarship at the time of seeking admission on the prescribed format available with the Admin Office.
  • Original document for claiming the aforesaid scholarship are to be submitted to the Admin Office before 31st August.

Maintenance of records:

After verifying the claim, Admin Office shall send Branch wise list of students under each category to Accounts Section with a copy to the concerned Department for compliance.

Validity of the scholarship:

This policy shall be effective from the admissions of academic session 2019 and shall be reviewed every year. Initial concession shall be valid for One Academic Semester. Thereafter, continuation of the same shall be determined on the basis of performance of the student; Criteria shall be decided by the Management from time to time.

Other Scholarships and Awards at CPC

Attendance reward:

Students with 100% attendance will be awarded a cash prize/ certificate as decided by the management from time to time.

Student academic reward policy:

To encourage the exceptional and brilliant students of the group, various rewards have been instituted in CPC as a part of it’s “Academic Policy”. The college position holders are categorized as under:-

Sr. No. Category Position in the Merit List Reward
1. Punjab State Board Merit(Semester wise) First Position Cash Rs. 5000
Second to Tenth Position Cash Rs. 3000
Eleventh to Twentieth Position Cash Rs. 2000
2. Position in Respective Class (Yearly) First Position Cash Rs. 2000
Second Position Cash Rs. 1000

Incentives for students excelling in sports and other co-curricular activities:

The following cash prizes are given to each of team members in case of team events/ individuals of individual games/ events.

Inter- College Athletic/ Sports Tournaments/ Cultural Events

a) For individual events:-
Gold Medal Rs. 1000/- per gold medal subject to a maximum of Rs. 3000/- in a year
Silver Medal Rs. 750/- silver medal subject to a maximum or Rs. 2250/- in a year
Bronze Medal Rs. 500/- bronze medal subject to a maximum of Rs. 1500/- in a year
b) For team events:-
Gold Medal Rs. 5000/-
Silver Medal Rs. 3000/-
Bronze Medal Rs. 1500/-

Inter- College Technical Events

a) For individual events:-
First Position Rs. 1000/-
Second Position Rs. 500/-
b) For team events:-
First Position Rs. 3000/-
Second Position Rs. 2000/-