Academic Calendar

Registration and Attendance Policy for the Academic
Year 2018-19

  • It is the sole responsibility of the student to maintain the minimum required attendance of 75% of the scheduled lectures in each subject (Theory & Practical) continuously during the entire semester.
  • Students with attendance below 75% will not be allowed to appear in the final exams to be conducted by PSBTE&IT at the end of semester as per attendance rules of PSBTE & IT, Chandigarh.

Attendance Policy

Attendance will be displayed on the notice board at the end of every fortnight. The registration of a student will be canceled if he/she is unable to maintain at least 75% attendance in any of the subjects. He/ She have to seek re-registration within next one day from the display, failing which he/she will not be allowed to attend any class.

Procedure of Re-registration

In case of shortage of attendance in the first fortnight he/she can re-register on the written approval of Class Counselor, in second fortnight with written approval of HOD, in third and fourth with written approval from HOD and Principal. After this it can be done only on approval of the Principal, in presence of parents with a valid reason only.

Leave Policy

Leave shall be granted by the HOD on an application written by the student to be submitted to the class counselor. However such leave shall not provide benefit for attendance.

Uniform Day in the Campus

Wearing prescribed and complete uniform on Wednesday is mandatory and has to be worn during examinations (Practical & Theory both), Placements and any other day as specified by the college.

Identity Card

Every student must wear Identity Card in the campus.

Mobile phones must be switched off during all classes.

Important Points

  • Student coming late in the class will not be given the attendance after 5 minutes of schedule start of the lecture; however they can sit in the class.
  • Any mass bunk will be treated as absence and two days attendance will be deducted.
  • In case of serious illness during the semester or caught in natural calamity the students is bound to inform in writing to the HOD, giving specific proof within three days of attending the classes after illness or calamity. Any application submitted thereafter will not be accepted.
  • The student who has to be on duty leave must get specific prior permission from the concerned HOD before proceeding on duty leave.
  • Please check the daily performance of your ward on Users Name= P(roll no. of your ward) and Password is already given to your ward.

Academic Calendar for 3rd & 5TH Semester (All Branches )

Sr. No. Event Date Working days Remarks
From To
1 Start of Odd Semester 16-Jul-18 06-Aug-18 Start of 3rd semester all branches. Start of 5th semester all branches after training.
2 First Fortnight (for attendance) 16-Jul-18 27-Jul-18 10 Displayed on 27-Jul-18
3 Second Fortnight (for attendance) 30-Jul-18 10-Aug-18 10 Displayed on 10-Aug-18
4 Date of Allocation of 1st Assignment 10-Aug-18 Date of Submission of 1st Assignment is 28-Aug-18
5 Third Fortnight (for attendance) 13-Aug-18 24-Aug-18 9 Displayed on 24-Aug-18
6 1st MST 29-Aug-18 31-Aug-18 3  
7 Fourth Fortnight for attendance 27-Aug-18 07-Sep-18 9 Displayed on 07-Sep-18
8 Fifth Fortnight (for attendance) 10-Sep-18 21-Sep-18 10 Displayed on 21-Sep-18
9 Fresher Party 21-Sep-18  
10 Date of Allocation of 2nd Assignment 20-Sep-18 Date of Submission of 2nd Assignment is 05-Oct-18
11 Parents Teacher Meeting /Student’s Day 15-Sep-18 (Timing from 10 am to 01:30 pm)
12 Sixth Fortnight (for attendance) 24-Sep-18 05-Oct-18 09 Displayed on 05-Oct-18
13 Entrexcellence-2018 12-Oct-18
14 2nd MST 03-Oct-18 05-Oct-18 3  
15 Seventh Fortnight(for attendance) 08-Oct-18 18-Oct-18 9 Displayed on 18-Oct-18
16 Date of Allocation of 3rd Assignment 22-Oct-18 Date of Submission of 3rd Assignment is 2-Nov-18
17 Eighth Fortnight (for attendance) 22-Oct-18 03-Nov-18 10 Displayed on 03-Nov-18
18 Starting of 3rd MST 01-Nov-18 03-Nov-18 3  
19 Ninth Fortnight (for attendance) 05-Nov-18 14-Nov-18 05 Displayed on 14-Nov-18
20 Rationalization of all semesters 16-Nov-18
21 End of Semester 16-Nov-18
22 Theory Examinations 20-Nov-18 30-Dec-18  
23 Practical Examinations Before or after the theory examinations - as per PSBTE & IT
24 Winter Vacations 25-Dec-18 01-Jan-19
25 Start of Even Semester 03-Jan-19

Registration Schedule

Sr. No. Event From To Time Remarks
1 Registration on the first day 16-Jul-18 16-Jul-18 9.30-10.15 A.M All students
2 Registration on the Second day 17-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 9.30-10.15 A.M with approval of HOD
3 Late Registration 18-Jul-18 20-Jul-18 9.30-10.15 A.M Approval of Principal with late registration charges.
4 Late Registration 23-Jul-18 Discretion 9.30-10.15 A.M Approval of Principal with late registration charges along with parents.