‘TEAM VECTOR', of CPC all set for HPVC APAC 2018 to show the magic of ‘INVINCIBLE 2.0’

Rising and shining with the high spirits, Students of Chandigarh Polytechnic College are going to participate in ASME HPVC APAC 2018 from 16th-18th March at Delhi Technological University, Delhi.

CPC, is the only Polytechnic College competing with 40 teams from various Universities, IITs, NITs & other Engineering Colleges.

Recalling their previous performance, they were awarded a special achievement award i.e. ‘SPIRIT OF HPVC’ in ASME HPVC 2016. Their efforts were appreciated to a great level as quoted in the ASME i.e. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Newsletter:

”One such team hailed from Chandigarh Polytechnic College in Punjab, a school that would be considered the equivalent of a U.S. community college, Nathan Taylor, Head Judge of HPVC India Competition said. The students, who were young compared to the other students and competing at their first HPVC, built an impressive vehicle that suffered a catastrophic failure during one of the events. “Their vehicle was all aluminum and very well built,” Taylor recalled. “It looked very nice, but unfortunately the frame broke, and they couldn’t ride anymore. But they left with a good attitude. They were excited to build another one and come back the next year.” The team didn’t leave this year’s competition empty-handed, however. The students were given a special achievement award for their efforts.”

A team of 16 students will be participating this year showcasing their talents and innovations and the magic of their vehicle ‘INVINCIBLE 2.0’. We wish them good luck and hope they outshine this year.